This collection of patterns was inspired by beautiful photographs of wild cats I found online. Every time I stumble across an image of a wild cat, I appreciate how incredible they are. If a photograph captures the personality, the beauty, and colour/pattern of these wild cats then it inspires me to try and create my own interpretation.

I find their grace and barely contained power endlessly fascinating. The variation in size, social habits, environment they live in- their adaptability, and ability to endure, despite the many challenges they face.

They are certainly worthy of respect.



After studying the expression and personality of wild cats by focusing on their majestic faces, I decided to expand on that and look at the full nose-to-tail form. Here I could play more with the pattern of the fur. I used many finer layers to build depth and texture in their coats which varies greatly between species. I still attempted to capture the personality and movement of each cat in these portraits. 

I enjoy the juxtaposition or the realistic image of the cat, and the simple bright background. This adds a pop of colour without removing focus from the main image its-self. It’s a variation on the more typical backgrounds found in wild cat patterns. 



These floral designs began as accompaniments to the larger cat designs. However, feedback and a bit of extra attention has shown that they are just as pretty as stand-alone designs. I enjoy the colour and shape, both flowers and foliage, can bring to a design. With a closer look, the finer details can be greatly appreciated.