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I've always enjoyed drawing, painting and making things. I began studying the illustrations in my dinosaur books and copying them, when I was around 6 or 7 years old. In my teenage years the inspiration was derived from my passion for horses and horse riding. As I became older, I saw the beauty in all of nature. However, it is still the small things that capture my attention and inspire me to create. For example, the texture and pattern of a Jaguars fur, the shimmer of feathers on a swans wing. I enjoy looking at beautiful macro photographs produced by amateurs and scientists alike, of seed and feather and skin.

Inspiration can always be found in nature. 

I currently live in Nottingham with my family. I draw free-hand and design using Procreate on my iPad Pro. This has allowed me to create from the comfort of my sofa while living with chronic illness.

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